“Mr. Crispy” (Croque Monsieur) – Freshly April’s breakfast

If you are curious about the name of this dish, Croque Madame is a version of Croque Monsieur – this is a typical grilled burger and can be found easily in small eateries across France. . Croque Monsieur literally translates as: “Mr. Crispy”, no one knows the exact reason why the word “Mr”. Croque Madame is Croque Monsieur with an egg on top – which, in a typical French sense of humor, is the wide-brimmed hat of the ladies. From that playful style, Croque Madame was born.

Why always “Croque Madame”? Croque Madame looks like a French romantic, like a bechamel of sweet nutmeg like a kiss on her cheeks. As the soft taste of cotton mixed with the bitter smell of Emmental melted, hugging each other tight hold the hand attached before saying goodbye. As the bread rolls slowly over the kitchen, the fragrance is attractive to the heart. And when the egg squeezes at the top with all the other layers of flavor, it feels like listening to love in a beautiful, melodious language, still called the lovers’ language.

Croque Madame:

  • 1 large white bread, sliced enough to eat. (About 12 pieces)
  • 200g Emmental Cheese, Shredded *
  • 100g ham, sliced. **
  • 4 Tbsp butter, lightly melted.
  • 6 chicken eggs.
  • Bechamel fever:
  • 2 Tbsp butter.
  • 2 Tbsp wheat flour.
  • 300ml fresh milk without sugar, heated.
1/2 tsp nutmeg, shredded.
 *: Also known as Swiss Cheese, can be found at the dairy in the supermarket or supermarket in Xuan Dieu street
**: At Annam Gourmet Market, there is a standard French imported ham.

Now, here’re we go to the kitchen:

  • Make the Bechamel:
-Smother the butter over medium heat, paying attention to use thick pan to avoid butter exposed too close to heat, flammable. Reduce small fire, use the cage, sprinkle wheat flour and beat until completely mashed together.
– Pour the milk into a mixture of butter and flour, and add medium heat and cook until crisp, do not feel the taste of raw flour.
– Add salt, pepper and nutmeg, lightly stir and stir about 2 ‘to let the kitchen off.
  • Croque Madame:
Turn on the oven 180 ° C, to 10 ‘for hot oven.
Spread Bechamel on one side of each piece of bread, then spread a layer of cheese, another ham, another layer of cheese, and apply a bechamel over another piece of bread on top of it. Only use 2/3 of cheese for this step.
Spread the butter on the bottom and top of the sandwiches. Sprinkle the remaining cheese on the top and place in the oven, bake for 10-15 minutes until the top cheese is browned
Boil a little butter until lightly boiled, then slowly beat an egg into a small fire and only one face. Avoid the pan too hot will make the surface of the egg hole, if you want the egg to look beautiful, you can use a metal cutting cookie cutter, put in the pan and pour the eggs into it to fix the shape ( Circle, star, heart, shape). Just fry one by one, can remove the whites if you want.
Take the cake from the oven, put the egg on top and sprinkle pepper on top.

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