Chefs are so much fun …

As one of the hottest professions today, the profession of chefs attracts the attention of young people by expanding job opportunities and ideal income. However, besides the joys and glorious work, chefs also have difficulties and hardships not everyone knows, so many young people who follow the profession then feel dizzy and give up. halfway.

Chefs are so much fun …

People often think that cooking is an art and a chef is an artist ”, that art is not only a work of society, a beauty adorning life but also a practical job. and meaning. Eating is an essential human need, you may not go out, do not go to school, do not play games, do not buy clothes … you still live but if you do not eat, you will definitely die. In the past, people only needed to eat well, dressed well, nowadays they have to be full, eat well, eat clean and eat lots of nutrients. To do that requires the talented hands of professional chefs.
As a chef, you can cook good meals for your family and can cook to serve others. Every time the chef praises and thanks, any chef will find extremely happy, which is also the motivation to add strength to overcome the difficulties of the profession.

If a chef’s job was often boring in the past, it doesn’t. In addition to processing and creating delicious – unique – strange dishes, experienced chefs also have many left-hand jobs such as nutritional counseling, cooking for young chefs or housewives, participating. big and small contests such as: King Chef, Super Chef, Golden Spoon …. be a judge on kitchen competitions, open a business restaurant, write a culinary blog … Each job not only brings a lot of fun but also the fame and high income for professional chefs.

… but It also very hard

occupation of a chef has a relatively high salary compared to other professions, the salary of a professional chef will be from 8 to 15 million VND / month and can be up to dozens, even hundreds of millions depending on the capacity, experience, location and workplace.

To become a chef, you have to spend 3 – 6 months to learn an apprenticeship and then work as a kitchen assistant with basic jobs such as cleaning, preparing materials, cleaning tools … to learn experience. have a chance to take on higher positions. The process of apprenticeship and occupation is very difficult when you have to be in constant contact with cutlery, fire smoke, taste of food, food … You have to stay up early to go to work, even in restaurants serving 24 / 24, chefs have to change shifts to cook for guests. The cooking work is typical, the chef must stand completely during working hours, to sit only when it is necessary to rest or go to the toilet, drink water.
The limbs are so hard, but the chefs are also under great mental pressure at work, which is the pressure of time when making dishes for guests, the pressure when the food is criticized, the pressure is edge. competition with other restaurants, sales pressure, pressure from the management … if not trained bravery to cope, it is easy to create boredom, give up.
Kitchen career, like other professions, always has two advantages and disadvantages. Besides the joys at work, the profession of chef also exists many difficulties and challenges. To follow the career and stick with the profession, you need to carefully study the pros and cons to have the best preparation on the way to becoming a professional chef.

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