“Tri Colour” Grilled Scallop

If you are planning a BBQ in the garden on weekends, but you have not found it yet exotic dishes in addition to the barbecue with the presence of red meat, Let’s you try to make the baked scallops “tricolor “. Just look at the results and hear the name of the dish is saw your party fun and how exciting, right? Embark shelled scallops and prepare to party only.


  • 10 Scallops
  • Potatoes (cut square blocks): 20g
  • Carrots (cut square blocks): 20g
  • Beans: 20g
  • 4 of Lettuces
  • scallions
  • Butter
  • Sweet mayonnaise

1. Pre-processing:
– Separating one side scallop shell, clean.
– Potatoes, carrots, beans bo cooked, picked up cold water immersion. Chopped green onion.

2. Implementation:
– The first African scented onions, 3 vegetables and sauté with butter, for scallions in, wedge 1 / 4tsp salt, 1 / 3tsp MSG, stir.
– For vegetables on the scallops, sprinkle with green onions, add baking oven or directly on the coals about 5 minutes in that water has boiled shell is.

3. How to use:
– For mayonnaise “Aji-mayo” sweet up scallops, use hot.

small Tip
Potatoes, carrots and beans to boiling materials carefully prior to uneven ripening.
Scallops should clean sand, remove black edges scalloped edge grip.

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